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Q is for Canva

Not a simple canvas or a common framework.
Materiqua is an experience where the unpredictable begins to be revealed.

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For Painting
Materiqua is ready to be used as a canvas for every kind of painting technique; from acrylic to oil, from spray to tempera. The magic of art that finds life, space and depth.
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For Printing
By printing a Materiqua, the uniqueness of the surface gives the subject the typical and beauty experience of painting. From photography to illustrations, from texts to sketches, printing on Materiqua is a visual and sensorial journey.
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For Design
Materiqua is ready to be used as a furnishing and design accessory, becoming an architectural element. The possibility of easily composing them into modules, makes Materiqua suitable for different types of installations.
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    From Art to Art

    Materiqua is composed by a handmade wooden frame and a material surface made with a particular mixture of selected and certified mortars.
    The lightness of Materiqua is the result of important research and experimentation work.

  • for interiors & exteriors
    In the intimacy, with rain or under the sun

    Materiqua is available for both indoor and outdoor use.
    Wood and surface processing changes depending on the intended use, guaranteeing quality and durability.

    From a canva to a wall

    Materiqua is available in three standard sizes:
    27,55 x 27,55 – 39,37 x 19,68 – 47,24 x 31,49 (inch) that can be easily adjusted together.
    Possibility to create custom-made Materiqua according to customer needs and visions.


    Materiqua is an intention, it’s the exploration of artisan creativity in an emotional and sensorial journey. Unique pieces that tell the story, the tradition, the passion and the manual skills typical of Made in Italy excellence.

Q is for Mission

We believe that beauty is a force that comes from the inside, transmitting from people to the context in which they move and vice versa.
For this reason, we promote a polyphonic and meta-disciplinary comparison on the role of beauty as an agent of change and as a tool, practicable and effective, for care and interaction.

Beauty as a generator of well-being capable of affecting the aesthetics of places and relationships.

We have learned that creativity is not just a personal quality but a collective experience that must be formed and nurtured.
In line with these reflections, the Materiqua project was born, a concrete product capable of fulfilling the task of ‘curing’ the relationship between beauty, history, psychology and design, creating a link between the ‘place’ and the sensorial and emotional perception of those who attended.

Not a simple canvas or a common framework.
Materiqua is an experience where the unpredictable begins to be revealed.

Experience and Suggestions

Q is for Colors

Re-veil: every look, every manipulation, every exchange load Materiqua stratigraphically of all the senses that compose it …

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